The RASARIO brand, established in 2012 by Rasida Lakoba, finds its roots in the designer's childhood spent in Abkhazia, a South Caucasian gem. The extraordinary beauty of Abkhazian women serves as the primary reference point and inspiration for our fashion designs, shaping the essence of the brand's aesthetic journey.

Every RASARIO collection is an enchanting story, a beautiful ode to femininity and sensuality. Rasida's unwavering passion for detail and the use of exquisite materials are evident in delicate translucent fabrics and meticulously crafted bustier constructions, defining its signature style. More than fashion, RASARIO is a journey into a world where each creation becomes a celebration of women's personality and elegance.

Recognized as "Hollywood's largest go-to luxury brand" by InStyle Magazine, RASARIO's commitment to perfection is unparalleled. With each piece, we redefine glamour, offering an enduring charm for the beautiful moments and special occasions that shape a woman's life.

Welcome to RASARIO – where each creation is a testament to the enduring spirit of femininity and the artistry of everlasting grace.