RASARIO brand founded in 2012 by Rasida Lakoba. Designer spent her childhood in a South Caucasian country called Abkhazia. That is why the major reference point and inspiration for fashion design have been deviated from an extraordinary beauty of Abkhazian women. Brand’s DNA consists of cocktail and evening dresses, particularly the bustier-dresses, that brought RASARIO brand into repute both locally and worldwide. Intended for the beautiful moments and special occasions, each item is tailor-made if only to accentuate and emphasize women's beauty and individuality.

Every collection has its own matchless story, always paying a beautiful tribute to femininity and sexuality. Rasida’s passion for details and fine materials remains unaltered throughout her artistic journey: delicate translucent fabrics, bustier-constructions, classically sexy silhouettes became RASARIO’s signature move. Rasida’s not just designing clothes. Each time she's creating her own little world celebrating women’s personality and elegance. As quoted in InStyle Magazine “Rasario is Hollywood’s largest go to luxury brand ”.